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M.E.R -Myofascial Energetic Release Session

Myofascial Energetic Release (MER) is a therapeutic technique that aims to release tension and restore balance in the body's fascia, a layer of connective tissue that surrounds and supports muscles, bones, and organs. The technique combines myofascial release, which involves applying sustained pressure to tight or restricted areas in the fascia, with energy work, which involves working with the body's energy fields to clear blockages and promote healing.

In MER, the therapist uses their hands to apply gentle pressure to different parts of the body, focusing on areas of tension and restriction in the fascia. The therapist may also incorporate breathwork, visualization, and other techniques to help the client release emotional and energetic blockages that may be contributing to their physical symptoms.

MER is often used to treat chronic pain, injuries, and postural imbalances, as well as to promote relaxation and overall wellness. It is typically performed by a trained therapist or bodyworker and may be used in combination with other therapies, such as massage, acupuncture, or physical therapy.

This session is 90min and before the session, we will have a chat and 

some integration time after. 

So count on about 2 hours and it is 1500kr or €150 / Session

Tantric Bodywork Session

This session has elements of deep fascial bodywork, sensual massage, deamouring, and divine pleasure. 

Combining these different qualities with this session is an incredible way to open up the body and release stagnant and obstructed energies. 

Emotions and feelings are usually an outcome of the session.

As a session giver, my part is to hold space for whatever comes up and support that.

Presence and conscious touch are the main ingredients in this session.

This session is for the one who has come to terms with the fact that there is something more to get out of life. Also for the one who might suffer from an unfulfilling sex life.

For the one who is stuck in a role where they are not able to be to fall into their feminine, a longing to be taken care of and to surrender and to be led by the masculine.


This session is for both men and women. 

For those who have not done any work of this kind before, I would suggest that they would have a fascia massage session before. A fascia massage session is a deep bodywork session that is not sexual. But still uses the basic elements of tantra to achieve a state of surrender and bliss. A fascia massage can open the body and invoke emotional release as well. But can also relieve chronic pain and decrease stress.

This session is 120 min and  before the session, we will have a chat and 

some integration time after. 

So set aside about 2 1/2 hours and it is 2500kr or €250 / Session


The magical strokes 

By Charlotte Cronqvist 

I am about to receive a session with sensual strokes.  I am here to feel the strokes, and also to have an experience of this kind of strokes. I feel softly excited, curious and safe. I’ve felt his hands before, and know that I can trust his intuition, his intention, and I relax.


I chose to lay on my belly, panties on. I breathe. I sense a nice smell of oil, later I learn that the flavor is lemongrass, and when his hand touches my back, it’s softly oiled. And as he slowly and firmly strokes my back, I feel the warmth of his hands, and notice how he is spreading the oil, through his hands into my skin. It’s a slow moment. And it feels like he is touching me deeply. Like the oil, his hands and his arms, reaches into me. It’s like the slowness of the movement, and the fact that he is using some pressure, makes my energy body awaken.


It’s tricky to describe these sensations, and still I want to try. The slowness, the firmness, creates a sense of being touched also inside. It’s like there is a level, under my skin, or in the deeper parts of my skin, that are being touched, as well as the surface.


I deeply enjoy the slow touch. As he moves his body, it’s like I also sense his intention in the touch. And I start to melt. He continues to stroke my back, and it’s like I am softening by this touch, it’s like I am softening both in body and mind. It’s like I am transferred to a universe with no sense of times. I am in timelessness, floating, feeling, sensing and being.


As I sense his care for me I relax even deeper, and my body starts to vibrate. And it’s like there is a dance between our energies. Something in him knows what touch I would benefit from, where my energy is activated, and I am in a state of being seen, being touched, being allowed to just be. Another metaphor could be that he is a river, and I am something that floats down streams in the river, totally safe, just allowing the floating, the being, the surrender.


He continues touching me using long, strokes. I have my eyes closed, I just want to be in this universe, relaxing, sensing, and also feeling how the inside of my body is awakened to pleasure. My body starts shivering. At times he is using his whole body, to touch me, at least, thats what it feels like.


Later, much later, as I am at the same time totally relaxed, and filled with energy, vibrating, my boyfriend approaches. The body worker shows him how to stroke my body, and now I have four hands touching me. At some moments, I am laying on my back, I am in a state of bliss. I feel so seen, so held, so loved. There has been no genital touch, and still my body is totally awakened, in a state of total pleasure. I am sensing that I am laying on the ground, on each side of me is not a mountain, rather a river slope (the two men) and it’s a starry night, and I lay there, looking up to the stars. And my body is not just vibrating, it’s shaking, and they hold me. 


The only aspect of time I have is this: Let me stay in this state for ever. This state  of bliss, this state of pleasure, this state of being held, being seen, being cared for, being loved. This state of being.


And the strokes and the presence of the men took me there. To gratefulness. There are tears in my eyes. Tears of joy.

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