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My Story

Oftentimes a new chapter or path in life begins with dramatic change or crisis. My story is no different. In 2013, I survived a boating accident in Thailand which shook me to my core.  During a diving liveaboard, our boat got caught in a storm and while we were maneuvering the waves we ended up on the wrong keel, taking in water, which sank the boat rapidly. All 31 passengers and crew survived. I was very grateful to be given a second chance at life and my experience gave me a fresh perspective and outlook.

Working as a chef in high-pressure environments led to me living a destructive lifestyle to manage the stress associated with the long hours. My vices were drugs and alcohol. I was now ready to give those up. I also found a new respect for my body and I started treating it more kindly. I cut out the junk food and unhealthy eating habits and dropped 20kg. I started to connect more deeply to my body.

After a slow process of becoming more in tune with my inner self, I was introduced to the world of Tantra which helped me better understand and explore my sexuality. I dove deep into my shame and some preconceived ideas which shadowed my sex life. When I came to understand sexuality and how to use sexual energy to connect with the world, my true abilities were woken up.

Tantra helped me connect more deeply with others and kick-started my spiritual path. From then on, instead of trying to use my intelligence to make sense of the world, I shifted towards using my intuition and feelings, which was transformative for me.

During a Tantric workshop, one of the assistants asked if I would like to be a Bodyworker. I didn’t know what to say. I responded: ¨Yes, maybe. Why do you ask?” He said: ¨You seem to 'get' this¨. Some words and conversations stick and that is one of the biggest reasons I started my Bodywork practitioner journey. It felt natural. It felt like a calling.


I want to support people for them to experience their fullest potential. To help them discover the depth and beauty of their body, mind, and emotions.


Workshops & Trainings 

*The New Tantra Lvl 1-5, Tantric Gigolo training

*Primal Child deconditioning, Puja Lepp

*Reiki Lvl 1-3, Body and mind healing, Chiang mai

*Osho Bodywork, Biodynamic Rebalancing, Rasal Antar

*M.E.R, Myofascial Energetic Release, Satyarthi Peloquin (Full Training)

*The Deamouring Arts, Basic training.

*Wat Po Traditional Thai massage school, Chiang mai, Thailand

*Sunshine Massage School, Chiang mai, Thailand

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