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The tools of tantra

Tantra is the name given to a set of esoteric traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism developed in ancient India. The word tantra is made up by joining two Sanskrit words: tanoti (expansion) and rayati (liberation).


I exclusively use the concept of tantra as tools for expansion or liberation through expansion, which applied to our sexuality opens up a new vision of humans as sexual beings, in which sexual energy means life energy, and where the practice of conscious sexuality becomes a way to give light to our shadow and break resistances.


When we approach sexuality from a conscious perspective, our lives move into a better flow state. A flow state when you lose perception of time and the task in hand just flows without abstractions. But one of the biggest issues we have in the modern world is the misconception of sex as something dirty or sinful. Sex is currently a taboo topic and is mainly practiced in a recreational way, with a lot of shame and guilt involved. Men are addicted to porn and ejaculation. Women are wondering where the conscious men are to be present with them. Attraction comes from polarity and polarity is not a bad thing. To be able to experience something good you need to know the opposite side of it. Like warm and cold, night and day, north and south, feminine and masculine. Neither of these energies is bad or good. You need both to create attraction and polarity. Polarity is necessary for human beings to become aroused and sexual.


Men and women have both masculine and feminine energies. Men are usually more masculine, but they have feminine energy too and women are usually the opposite. This doesn't have to be connected to gender but we should be in contact with these energies. When we become familiar with these energies, we can use them as superpowers to expand to our full potential.

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