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What is tantric bodywork

This session has elements of deep fascial bodywork, sensual massage, deamouring and divine pleasure. 

Combining these different qualities with this session is an incredible way to open up the body and release stagnant and obstructed energies. 

Emotions and feelings are usually an outcome of the session.

As a session giver, my part is to hold space for whatever comes up and support that.

Presence and conscious touch is one the main ingredients in this session.

This session is for the one who has come to terms with the fact that there is something more to get out of life. Also for the one who might suffer from an unfulfilling sex life.

For the one who is stuck in a role where they are not able to be  to fall into their feminine,

a longing to be taken care of and to surrender and to be led by the masculine.

This session is for both men and women. 

For those who have not done any work of this kind before, I would suggest that they would have a fascia massage session before. A fascia massage session is a deep bodywork session that is not sexual. But still uses the basic elements of tantra to achieve a state of surrender and bliss. A fascia massage can open the body and invoke emotional release aswell. But can also relieve chronic pain and decrease stress.

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I felt seen and held by Lars presence. He listened to my needs and touched me in a way that I felt safe and wanted at the same time. I could totally relax and open up to the pleasure given to me. Bodyorgasms, squirts and clitorgasms. Everything was very jummie and juicy

It was an incredibly nice session, from start to finish. I like that you keep space in every part. I enjoyed, changed and learned a lot about myself - on several different levelsYou are an incredibly empathetic man and present in a unique and so beautiful way. ..and yes, it was frustrating for me not to go all the way to orgasm. Frustrating and instructive. I'll take it with me into the next adventure!

Woman 49, Sweden

Woman 53, Sweden

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