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The yab-yum position is seen frequently in tantric art, both Buddhist and Hindu, so much that the image in itself is iconic for tantra. Its symbolism transcends sexuality as we understand it at the human level, pointing instead towards divine, cosmic sexuality: the union of polarity at the root, where all opposites dissolve into the totality. And yet in this merging, the individual elements are not lost. As a position for lovemaking, yab-yum exemplifies the principles of tantric sexual practice. It combines verticality with a profound sense of intimacy – interweaving the transcendent with the immanent. Both partners are upright, sitting as if in meditation, allowing for the optimum flow of energy up their central channels toward the upper chakras. It helps the man to sublimate, and the woman to surrender as she feels supported and uplifted by her partner.

This is a position that encourages deep intimacy and interiorization, best for later in the lovemaking session after the initial excitement has settled. There is almost no physical movement, but a fusion of the two lovers’ energy bodies taking them deeper and deeper in the union.

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